Manual filing typically costs $20 per item, and 10 percent of all documents can’t be found on the first search. Managing documents the old way is a recipe for inefficiency and frustration. The solution: Indeks.

What it is

Based in the cloud, Indeks is document management done smart. No folders, no file structure, no ambiguity about where to file a document. Simply scan, email or drag and drop your documents into Indeks where they are safely stored using best-practice security measures. It’s very customisable, too, giving you finely-grained control over how documents are tagged and who can access each one.

Indeks makes it easy

Indeks is designed for ease of use. The user interface is highly intuitive; you can get up and running in just three minutes. User-defined tagging makes it quick and simple to retrieve them from anywhere and at any time. Indeks is charged at a low monthly rate and you can cancel at any time.

New Shoots Moves Beyond the Ring Binder

A chain of early childhood centres eases compliance and boosts efficiency with Indeks document management.

Goodbye to the Boxes. And the Spiders

Auckland’s Next Generation early childhood centres farewell old-school document management.

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