How much does it cost your business to manually process an invoice?
Research estimates range from $5-$65 per invoice.

How would you like to radically reduce your processing costs? (That’s a rhetorical question…)
Welcome to PlusOne accounts payable automation — it’s Nirvana for number crunchers.

Five areas that require special attention

  • Too many error-prone manual processes
  • Deviating from processing rules (missing POs, missing validation of goods received, etc.)
  • Missed early payment and volume discounts
  • Incomplete / incorrect supplier details
  • Insufficient payment process regulation (late, under/over, duplicate or missed payment)

Re-focus on the crucial aspects

  • Centralise processes such as accounts payable processing and reporting
  • Embrace paperless processes where possible and suitable
  • Implement stricter governance practices, enforce purchasing and approval processes
  • Set up portals, e.g. for suppliers
  • Set up management workflows with real time reporting

Save hours of tedious manual processing

  • Digitising and indexing incoming documents (INDEKS)
  • Tagging digitised documents to trigger new processes (INDEKS+)
  • Data validation (PlusOne)
  • Intelligent workflow integration (PlusOne)
  • Processing and authorisation (PlusOne)
  • Reporting (PlusOne)
  • Reconciliation management
  • Seamless track and trace of all account activities

Streamline — solutions made to integrate

Contact one of our team today to learn more about how we can help your business automate the routine and minimise processing errors. Let us help you free up your time, so you can get back to being the financial advisor that your senior management team needs.

What would you rather be doing?  Providing professional financial advice and guidance to your company? Or worrying about routine processing systems?

Care to take a closer look now?

Does your current accounts payable process meet best practice standards?

When did you last review and update processes to ensure they still match company requirements?

Implementing a new accounts payable solution obviously poses challenges; solid change management and senior management sponsorship are critical to success. We have the hard-won experience to help guide you to success.

A pre-migration review should identify:

  • Manual paper handling processes
  • Error prone areas with missing validation
  • Deviation from established processes (month end short cuts)
  • Supplier file integrity
  • Duplicate detection process
  • Prompt payment discounts opportunities
  • Approval processes
  • Exception handling processes
  • Any area qualifying for improvement through automation