If your business is processing high volumes of transactional documents in the ordinary course of operations, then streamline can help you.

We work with you to understand and document your business process requirements to design a solution that makes use of appropriate technology.

Accuracy has value

Accuracy has value and is a core premise of all of our solutions. The majority of our customer solutions include validation of extracted data against known data.  Where this is not possible or where documents may contain handwritten data, we can design workflows that integrate with our outsourced platform to provide additional data verification and checking processes.

The  result of this approach means that of the more than one million transactional documents we process for our customers on a monthly basis we can provide an accuracy guarantee of more than 99%.

Custom packages

Depending on your workflow automation requirements we will advise you on the most suitable software, workflow automation and services package. Additional service packages, such as ongoing support and training are available in flexible configurations suitable for any knowledge level and size of team / business.

Every implementation is delivered with an agreed period of free support to help build up confidence and competence within your organisation. Ongoing support, additional training and outsourcing services can be booked at any time, on a time and materials basis or purchased from a range of packaged options.

SaaSS & Exception handling

We not only deliver Software as a Service but Software as a Service with Service!

With this extra added service we increase data accuracy to 99.55% (and higher) keeping erroneous data to a minimum, reducing exception handling and removing errors from your business.

As our focus is on financial processes, any error could be an expensive one or lead to an expensive one happening.

We believe that accuracy is a non-negotiable, must-have fundamental.

Streamline — solutions made to integrate

Our solutions integrate with any ERP system available in the market today. Together with your experts, our team will assess both workflow streamlining and software requirements to build the best possible solution for you.

Contact one of our team today to learn more about how we can help your business automate time-consuming routines and minimise processing errors. Let us help you free up your time, so you can get back to being the financial advisor that your senior management team needs. What would you rather be doing? Providing professional financial advice and guidance to your company? Or worrying about routine processing systems?

Would you like to know more about Custom Services?

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