The answer to that omnipresent pile of paper invoices? Automation with PlusOne.

Know this feeling? You’ve got a million and one things on your to-do list, there’s this two-inch stack of paper invoices on your desk waiting for your signature, and working through the stack is just about the least rewarding part of your day.

Peter Wright knows the feeling. Wright, Asia Pacific Head of Finance for global composites firm Gurit, has never taken great delight in manually approving invoices but still endured years of it.  Printing and stamping invoices and then chasing down two and sometimes three separate signatures was, Wright figured, an administration overhead neither he nor his team needed. So in June 2016 he dropped what he describes as the “old school way” in favour of streamline’s PlusOne cloud-based accounts payable solution.

Gurit’s Peter Wright.

Speaking from Gurit’s regional head office in Auckland, Wright explains: “We wanted an electronic repository for our invoices, a quicker and more reliable way to get them approved, and better visibility into invoices still outstanding. PlusOne was the best match.”

Gurit currently processes its non-PO invoices through PlusOne and plans, once it has upgraded its ageing Great Plains ERP system to a more modern version, to move all its PO invoices across too. Assistant Accountant Chantel Farrugia, who is responsible for ushering invoices through the system, says PlusOne has quickly proved to be a time-saver. “There’s just so much less overhead because the process is easier to organise. For example, if I need to trace an individual invoice I can do a search and quickly see where it is in the process,” she says. “We spend a lot less time on the invoices, and that’s fine with me because I have plenty of other stuff going on!”

Another plus for Farrugia is streamline’s customer service. “They’re really easy to get hold of,” she explains, “and they’re proactive about enhancements and anything else affecting the system, usually well before we’re aware of them.”

For Wright, one of the upsides is that PlusOne does exactly what it says. “We’d sort of got used to demos that were really just a sales job – solutions that were fast in the demonstration and then, when you get the final product, just take forever. PlusOne isn’t like that – in day-to-day use it’s clean, tidy, on-line and it’s a very quick system. So much so that we’ve actually started using it for other functions, like storing all our contracts.”

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