A chain of early childhood centres eases compliance and boosts efficiency with Indeks document management.

Trish Boyte understands better than most that record keeping isn’t child’s play. Trish, Finance Manager for the New Shoots group of early childhood centres in New Zealand’s North Island, relies on a detailed paper trail to meet the exacting requirements for state funding. These days, that paper trail lives in the cloud and runs on the Indeks document management solution.

It wasn’t always that way. Until late 2015, New Shoots’ paper trail consisted of paper from end to end. Ministry of Education documents, Inland Revenue documents, employment records, children’s sleep charts, you name it. All of them were filled out in hard copy, hole-punched and stored in ring binders. When the ring binders were full they were loaded into boxes and archived. If Trish needed records for, say, a bulk funding audit review, she would hop in the car, drive to each of New Shoots’ six centres and manually retrieve them.

With the privately held company planning to quickly triple in size, an alternative to the ring binders was needed. A cloud solution was an easy choice, because New Shoots had already seen the benefits of putting its accounting system online. After reviewing the options, the company opted for streamline’s Indeks, in part because its adoption promised to be easy.

So it was.  “It’s just a simple, easy-to-use program,” says Trish. “We didn’t have to do much training on it at all.”

New Shoots’ administrators all have access to Indeks and upload documents themselves. “Centre directors also have access, so they can upload more sensitive documents such as employment records,” Trish says. “From head office, I access the system for things like financial reports.

“A good thing about it is that it has been reviewed by the ministry. That was huge for us – it means they can audit us through Indeks and we don’t have to go through reams of documents to meet compliance, regulations and our licensing criteria.”

Then there’s those bulk funding audit reviews. Instead of looping around New Shoots’ centres every three or four months to dig out reports, Trish now pulls them up on-screen. It all adds up to efficiency.

“Scanning up is easy,” Trish explains. “It takes a bit more time to review and code documents compared to just hole-punching and filing them. The real benefit comes when I need to find something. Now I just type in a search and up it pops. This is where I save the time.”


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