Every organisation has certain core back-office procedures that are required to keep the wheels of commerce turning smoothly.

Whether it’s processing accounts receivable, accounts payable, capturing and digitising documents, or simply filing paper, there are some functions that just have to happen.

Fundamental requirements for all of these processes are data accuracy and optimised workflow processes.

Streamline’s intelligent workflow technology can be used to automate just about any back-office business process, in turn delivering vastly improved accuracy and optimised execution.

Application management made easy

Streamline follows the SaaS (Sofware as a Service) model and can be integrated with your current systems. If interfaces don’t already exist, our developers will build bespoke connectivity solutions. Once integration is complete, all services are easily managed from a web-based interface.

Our IT Services team can help with everything from deploying and managing cloud applications to supporting your end users, partners, and even customers. We’re skilled in Linux, Windows and cloud-based hosting, as well as all aspects of traditional IT support.

Streamline — solutions made to integrate

Your experts,  our team – together they assess both workflow streamlining and software requirements to deliver the best possible solution for your organisation.

Contact one of our team today to learn more about how we can help your business automate the routine and minimise processing errors. Let us help you free up your time, so you can get back to being the financial advisor that your senior management team needs. What would you rather be doing?  Providing professional financial advice and guidance to your company? Or worrying about routine processing systems?