Springboard provides qualified, remote workers with expertise ranging from finance to customer service and helpdesk to sales order management, and everything in between. They’re dedicated to your organisation but not on your payroll. You tell us what needs to be done and when; we do the rest, onboarding the right people in as little as one week and typically reducing manpower costs by between 30 and 50%.

What it is

Springboard is a custom staff outsourcing solution from streamline, the experts in sorting out the back office. It’s the quick and convenient way to scale up back office and other skilled functions.


What it does

With cost reductions in the range of 30 to 50%, Springboard is the cost-effective way to boost your skilled staffing. You tell us what you need and streamline takes care of the rest – recruitment, onboarding, and on-site management. Springboard people are supported by first-class infrastructure, including secure office facilities, enterprise-grade productivity tools and highly redundant networks.

You choose

Operate around the clock

Need skilled people on the job 24/7? With Springboard, you choose the working hours.

Choose the job scope

Springboard is ideal for any routine, process-based function that can be delivered remotely. Tell us what you need done and we will find the right people. Springboard currently provides customer service, finance, sales order management and helpdesk staff, to name a few. The only limits are yours.

Set your own term

Need help just for 12 months, or some other fixed term of your choosing? Yes, Springboard can do that, too.

The right staff

People you can trust

You can trust Springboard staff. We have years of experience of hiring skilled, remote workers who are familiar with New Zealand and Australian business cultures. We’re also fastidious about recruitment, drawing on a battery of security checks and aptitude tests.

Hire fast

Need to hire quickly? Our proven recruitment process and access to a pool of skilled candidates lets us move fast.

Reduce staff churn

Springboard people are loyal; our retention rates are exceptional.

What our clients say

“We used to have customers coming back and querying a delivery, perhaps because it didn’t match the order, every few weeks or so. That’s now very rare.”  The Natalie Group.

Like to know more about Springboard?

Get in touch. Ask the difficult questions. We’re here to help.