Only optimised document and finance processes can help a company to achieve tangible savings and re-focus on their mission and growth. Some of the following steps are crucial in the transition to smoother, more efficient processes:

Automate documents digitisation

Automate document indexing

Automate document filing

Automate document processing

Automation for tangible savings and improved data accuracy

Let’s be clear, automation is not supposed to pave the way for reducing staff. Automation is a safe passage to sustainable growth by eliminating inefficiency and excessive expenses such as, just to name one of many, real estate for paper archives.

Many of today’s tasks, in particular in finance, don’t need human interaction all the way through. The journey of an incoming invoice, for example, is safe in the hands of an automated digital workflow as this reduces erroneous data, misfiling and delays in payment or reconciliation. At the same time it increases compliance and enforces data and process governance.

Saving to spend

Streamlining processes and integrating systems for optimised performance result in numerous benefits for an organisation.


  • Customer care
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Team productivity
  • Team satisfaction
  • Time for business management
  • Time for business growth


  • Time spent on document filing
  • Time spent on document retrieval
  • Time spent on document processing
  • Time to manage cash flow

How does it work?

We take a four step approach:


1. Analyse

Assess for optimisation

Our experienced business analysts examine your business processes, infrastructure, teams and systems to understand how you currently operate, and how we can make improvements. You directly benefit from our thousands of hours of experience working with a diverse range of companies across a wide variety of industry sectors.


2. Design

Then we map out how things should work:

How information is collected — including scanning and digitising paper documents if needed. How that information is processed – what business rules apply, and who needs access to it. How the information needs to be consumed – reports, electronic transactions, EDI data feeds etc. What innovations could radically change the game for you.


3. Create

We design your solution.

That may be a bespoke solution, or it might be based on a product like PlusOne. It may include services, such as printing, scanning, data conversion or project management. The solution we create for you is designed to completely solve the specific problem that’s causing you a headache – and to make your life easier.


4. Deploy

Smart deployment is critical to success.

You can’t beat experience when it comes to the successful deployment of something as important as automating critical business processes. Whether it’s hosted by you or in the cloud, we provide the expertise to help you determine the best configuration for your business and then we support it 24x7x365.